Let's Make Robots!
Autonimous surveillance of my backyard, eventually.
Harvey is a Wild Thumper based surveillance robot intended to operate outside. Future plans are to be able to patrol my backyard with wireless video transmitted … Read more
Controls a robot, integrated motor driver
Link to eagle schematic and board layout files   Update 6/7/14 Got the new boards back from OSHPark and assembled one Friday evening. I'm happy to report a … Read more
So shortly after I "finished" the Mini Track robot, or rather I couldn't think of anything else to do to it... yet. :) I got to thinking it would be nice to make … Read more
Navigate around via IR, drive upside down
Using a
I had an idea to build a tracked rover, capable of driving even upside down. I came up with a design for each side to have a drive gear and two idlers in a … Read more

T'rex controller fault

I have a new t'rex controller I intended to use with a wild thumper 6wd. While setting up the rc controls and testing the motor direction/reversing, I ran into a problem.  One of the motor outputs stopped working, and the fault led came on.  Both outputs were working initially, for about 20 seconds in total. But now this motor output goes straight into fault mode on power up.  Using a charged 7.2v NiMH pack btw.

Update 2.12.2013 Just added the code the bot's been working from. After putting together the LMR Start Here bot, I knew I wanted to do more. So I set out to convert … Read more