Let's Make Robots!

Talk to my computer through Serial?

Long time no see LMR!!!!

This semester was my most brutal yet, but the rewards have been priceless!


Anyways, back to the robots,

So my current project is to create a virtual indentity that I can have a VERY simple conversation with. His name is Sergei, cause everyone needs an awesome Russian buddy. But I find myself being a bit stuck on one thing: Serial Communications


What Im really trying to better understand is how to make the Arduino respond to my serial input. 

Adding a flashlight to a backpack

This is a continued discussion from the shoutbox... I only made it a topic because I was having trouble explaining my set-up without pics..


So Essentially Im looking to add a small LED flashligh to the shoulder of my backpack. I understand the programming aspect of it, what I am having trouble with is how to rig it up. (i.e. How would I wire this to the arduino)


so here is the light:


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Arduino Photovore Tutorial?

Hey buds, so i made the jump from Picaxe to Arduino and Im trying to relearn basic programming. Has anyone seen a detailed tutorial on making a simple phtotvore? Im walking through this with my little bro and its hard to figure things out. I tried looking aorund  but have yet to find a nicely documented build.... maybe Im just missing it. 


Trying not to be a bother, just looking to get the ball rolling on building bots with Arduino! Thanks LMR!!!

looking to break into arduino on a budget

Hi friends! I have almost always used picaxe, but Im looking to expand a little. Im looking for an Arduino set-up thats low cost, and can allow me to essentially make the SHR in Arduino. Please help me out with any suggestions, thanks guys! 


PS: Id like a package thats mostly all in one.... So I dont have to buy the board and a million shields to make it work. 

Help with V2 on picaxe 28

While I have used my picaxe board for alot, I have never used multiple power sources on it. I have read the "Picaxe for dummies" but I feel like Im missing something. is there anyone who has a pic of thier 28 board hooked up with 2 power sources? I just need to see the wiring. Also, I'll be connecting it to 6 "AA" batteries as power (its a hacked RC car) Is that any problem? Thanks all, the sooner I figure it out, the sooner dog-bot lives!!!

Sharp IR problems,,,

Even though i finished my SHR months ago, building this new one with my little bro is causing all sorts of headaches! My problem now is the IR sensor No matter what pin it is reading from it only ever reads out 134 or 127 randomly. I dont own a multimeter so I have no real wat to test the picaxe board. Any thoughts?

SHR servo trouble

So Im building the SHR (2nd time with my little bro) and Im having trouble. The picaxe powers up, downloads the servo test program but it wont move. Plenty of power, the solder seems good but not sure. give me any thoughts or things to diagnose the problem, thank you!!!