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2 motor, parallax board, BS2 code, Ping rangefinder on Servo... code isn't working, please help.

Here's the equipment being used:

Basic Stamp Editor

Parallax "Board Of Education" microcontroller (college project)

Ping((( Ultra Sonic Rangefinder


For some reason the code does not fully upload to the board, it gets about 25% of the way and then stops with an error.  Something about hardware communication failure.

Here is the code, perhaps you can pin point an error that we are missing.


' {$STAMP BS2}

' {$PBASIC 2.5}

'Controlls a two motored rover with a ping sensor mounted to a servo


Complete Newbie - College Project - audio question

Hello all,

I am completely new to robots and it seems like it's gonna be a lot of fun.  I am in a college class right now with a project of designing a robot.  Here is what I know:  We are using parallax microcontroller (I think... Board of Education Rev C), and I have gotten familar with the basic terminollogy.  My team plans on making a simple bot like the start here version, except bigger, with tracks, a nice cover, and some lights.  However, we really want to incorporate some audio clips and music...