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PingServo.attach(6) causing DC Motors conected to L239D not to spin


I have a test circuit using an Arduino UNO that is wired to a L293D chip on a seperate breadboard. I followed the "Goduino II" schematic.

The L239D has two small DC motors connected to it.
I also have a PING ))) Sensor sitting on top of a Servo. The Servo is connected to pin 6 and the Sensor is on A4 on the Arduino. The sensor works fine. 

Requesting help: How to identifying a battery connector


I'm currently in the process of up grading the batteries for my current robot project to use 18650 Li-on batteries. However, the battery holder for the  4 x 18650 does not have a conector such as the one on the alkaline battery holder.

Can someone help me identify the connector?

I'm not sure if the connector is a Fut J, JST, BEC, etc.

Thanks in advance. 

Sphero is a robotic ball that you can drive around with your smartphone.

The entire concept of this robot is pretty friggin amazing....wow.  I must have one.

Multiplo: Create your own robot (KickStarter)

Hey guys, here is a pretty cool robotic project on Kick Starter - looks promising.  I'm not sure if this was posted here already (did not find it my search). 

Texas Instruments - long wait times....

So I ordered a couple of the MSP430 LaunchPad boards two weeks ago just to discover they were on back order.  After speaking with someone in support on Monday, TI is fully stocked....just received both boards today :)


Upcoming Webinar: Embedded Code Generation for AC Motor Controllers

Cheers everyone,

Dropping this link just incase anyone is interested.  For what its worth, I have no professional affiliation with MathWorks outside that of using the software as a student.

Quoted from site -- " In this webinar we feature the development and implementation of a field-oriented controller for a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) using a real-time microcontroller. The workflow will show you how to: