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Device signature 0x000000 while burning bootloader


So I bought 7 Atmega328's and burned bootloader's into 5 of them.However for 2 of them I get the following error:

avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000
avrdude: Yikes!  Invalid device signature.
         Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
         this check.

I'm using Arduino Duemilanove as ISP and got the com settings,board selection and programmer settings correct.

Idea for shift register circuits?

So, I've recently mastered the use of shift registers and have a handful of them laying around.(74HC595's)

Any project Idea about what I might build with them?(possibly something out of track)?

What I mean by this is not knight riders or led cube circuits, rather some whacky ideas - even abstracts will do.

Possibly some fancy circuit you have in mind?

I am not asking for schematics, just running low on inspiration..Any ideas??

Oh and I don't mind using my arduino along with it(As it is what I have!)

How did Coasterbot Contest turn out for you?


Just curious to know how many of you entered and actually submiitted a bot for coasterbot contest.I know I did and am inquisitive to hear from the community.

P.S.Did any of you guys turn out lucky?

Filling an integer array with unique random values

As the title suggests, I want to fill an integer array (int a[8]) with unique values from 0-7 during each iteration of loop fuction in Arduino.I read around the net that the most sane idea I found involved filling array with these values(0-7)sequentially and then swapping these values a random number of times.How do I code this mechanism in arduino?

How to use Arduino interrupt in GR Sakura?


I successfully ran a code snippet on Arduino . The arduino code uses timer 1 for interrupt and looks like this...

Best way to remove hot glue?

Yikes ! It's hapenned and I'm sure it must have happened to you - some time or another.I was just finished hot gluing my 2 servos and front ping sensor- just to find i've glued them the wrong way.(Pulling hairs out of my head right now).Now my acrylic chassis is full of that white,glossy,gluely stuff i'm trying to rip off with my nails(And its not a fast way - also prone to leaving scratches on acrylic).I want it all removed- sans any marks on the acrylic.Is there a easy, fast or effective way?

Arduino programming- not multitasking?


Here's a code snippet I've been working on :

GR Sakura Board - Heard of it ?


I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of working with a GR Sakura board.I was considering of using one for my project.

I have heard its arduino compatible with an online cloud compiler.

If any of you have had any exposure,I would like to know more about it.

Questions like is it worth buying one?Whole cloud compiler concept.. any other info/tips you might like to give.Your trials/ordeals working with it ,any tips for beginner like me..etc..

ATMega:Invalid device Signature???


Yes my atmega chip is at it again ;-(.

Just after learning to burn bootloaders I was enjoying programming when one of the chips decided to go crazy.

Now it has a device signature of 0 x FF FF FF.(Read this signature from verbose output) I am getting Invalid Device Signature expected type is: 0x1e 0x95 0x0F .

Cant find a tutorial !

Hi everyone,

Recently I came across some very good hexapods designed with 6,8 and even 12 servos.I have a duemilanove and would like to build one.

But unfortunately I have not ventured into this domain and my search for a step by step tutorial on google(on multilegged critters like hexapod) and instructables proved futile.Any Links that can help me get started or rather a complete tutorial link would be awesome.Thanks!