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RS232 versus TTL, for cameras?

I've been noticing that some of those barebones miniature cameras suitable for usage for robotic vision come in two flavors. One flavor supports RS232, and the other flavor supports TTL.

I know what RS232 is, but what is TTL?

Is it this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transistor-transistor_logic

I'm (or at least, used to be) familiar with working with RS232. Does anyone have any pointer to working with TTL?


Camera Recommendations?

Hello all,

First time posting.  (Searched the site for an answer to this question, but couldn't find one.)

I'm looking for recommendations on miniature color cameras that can be used for a robot eyes. I'm leaning on the higher refresh rate and higher resolution side. (It's OK if they're not dirt cheap.)

Does anyone have any recommendations?