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Lightest PCB solution?

Hi everybody,

I was wondering what the lightest type of PCB is (in terms of weight)? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


Power supply and low/high-level voltage

Hi everybody,

I am trying to have these two components work together:

EFM32GG980 : http://cdn.energymicro.com/dl/devices/pdf/d0045_efm32gg980_datasheet.pdf

Fastrax UC430 : http://www.fastraxgps.com/showfile.cfm?guid=fd5516a9-3c5d-4e30-8dc7-cbbb1b9102fa


The electrical specs are the following:


VDD: 1.8V-3.0V

Input Low/High: 0.3VDD / 0.7VDD

Output Low/High with VDD@1.8V: 0.25VDD / 0.7VDD

Output Low/High with VDD@3V: 0.05VDD / 0.9VDD