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Just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who helped me out with forum questions when things weren't quite clicking. Literally. The relays just did not want … Read more

"Hardware not found" PICAXE 28x1 board - Very strange

I have a PICAXE 28x1 board hooked up to a relay circuit as depicted in the attached photo. For some very odd reason, everything was working just dandy when the two bread boards were seperate. No problems. A basic program to open and close the relays made that beautiful clicking noise that was music to my ears.

Easy question about capcitors (I think?)

Hello all,


If a schematic is calling for a 4.7uF capacitor, how do I know what voltage rating I should get? For instance, I am trying to hook up an IR remote set up (from Paralax) to a PICAXE board. The whole thing runs on 5V. The schematic from PICAXE manual 2 shows a 4.7uF capacitor. If I go to digikey, my choices are a bit overwhelming. Should I buy aluminum? Ceramic? And most importantly, how do I know what voltage rating the capacitor should have? Or does it matter?

Please help! Thanks.



Want to connect an IR remote to my PICAXE, but how?

Hi everybody! I'm trying to hook up a Paralax Infrared Remote Kit to my PICAXE 28X2 board, but I get conflicting information about how to hook it up. The Paralax data sheet shows the V+ going directly to the 5V power source, the V- going directly to the ground, with the "message" wire going to a "pin" via a resistor. But if I look into the PICAXE board's various manuals looking at the "infrain" command information, they show the V+ wire splitting off to a 4.7uF capacitor and the "message" wire connected to the 5V source via a 4k7 resistor.

This project was a lot of fun. Let me just say a big thank you to Ignoblegnome for all the help and right-on-time advice. I'm definitely hooked! The frame is made … Read more

Ok so I can make the "Start Here" bot, but...

Can anybody help me? I am just starting out, and I have been able to successfully make Fritz's "Start Here" bot, but the thing is that I feel like I'm just following instructions. I'm looking for some literature to help me fully understand all corners of what is involved in making robots (ie. which board to use and why, how does a microcontroller work and how do I choose the right one, etc. etc. etc.)