Let's Make Robots!
This is Tic Tac MAGneToe, As the name suggests it uses an electromagnet to move the game pieces, both for you and itself. NOTE: It does drop pieces which I'm hoping … Read more
This is an Idea I've had and I'd like to know if people think it's possible before I spend loads of money ;-)   It's based on a Hubless Wheel. Read more
Solve's a maze and remembers the quickest route.
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aMaze is A Maze solving robot. Custom build using an Arduino bootloaded atmeag328p as the brain, a SN754410 as Motor Control, all wired on a solderless breadboard … Read more
Navigate around using an IR Rangefinder
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My First attempt at a robot, basically the LMR start here bot hacked out of a BigTrak Jr. If I added on all the time researching to the build time it would be HUGE, … Read more