Let's Make Robots!
BuoyBot is my submition for the Single Motor Robot Challenge.     General Structure: Read more

Raspberry Pi Home Automation

I have begun work on a home (or rather room) automation system using a Raspberrry Pi as its hub. I am aiming for 3 primary functions:

     1. accept commands for interface device (ex: recieve instructions to turn lights on and off and do so using GPIO and servo)

     2. accept requests for sensor data (ex: recieve a request for temp. sensor data(GPIO) and respond by relaying data)

     3. collect and transmit large collections of data to be interpreted by interface device (ex: sleep datalogging)


AIs and conversation

I've been thinking about AI resently, and I have been stumped on the idea of how to make a robot/computer talk like a human. Algorithms like those used by cleverbot don't have a real "memory", and I really want a robot that will also take into acount a set of variables called emotions. What ideas have you come across?

volume data for my project

I am working on C.A.R.L., but I need to come up with a way to turn the volume from an audio jack into analog data.

Could I just connect the ground line to the arduino ground and the signal wire to an analog input?



Compiling error when using TVout library

I am attempting to use the TVout library (https://code.google.com/p/arduino-tvout/), and all of my programs consistantly come out with this error.

Error Compiling:

C:\Documents and Settings\Skye\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\TVout\TVout.cpp: In member function 'void TVout::render_setup(uint8_t)':

C:\Documents and Settings\Skye\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\TVout\TVout.cpp:730: error: '_VID_DDR' was not declared in this scope

go to the spotlight, sing his theme song, make his nose glow, be small
Using a
This is my entry into the microrobot challenge, as well as a fun holiday project. The Song: Read more

PIC programming

I have recently found a tiny PIC microprocessor, but I don't know where to start. The two things I need are the programming software and hardware. Where do I start? PS: I found this chip, and once I get it running with my code, it will be perfect for my project. More data coming soon.
Computer/Arduino Robotic Laborer My goal is to make a room automation system based from my desk, with a personality and "head" to express feelings. Feelings: The … Read more

Visual Basic & Arduino Mega 2650

Do any of you have any experience or advice for integrating Visual Basics to an arduino? I am specificly looking for how to make them communicate, but as I am a begginer in both arduino and Visual Basic, any helpful link for either system would be apreciated.

Thank You.

Calculate the fibonacci sequence.
As the name inplies, Fibonacci uses a basic algorithm to calculate the fibonacci sequence. It is currently running on my Basic Stamp 2, but my goal is to transfer … Read more