Let's Make Robots!

Christmas/Birthday Shopping

I have a friend who has and Arduino Uno, but hasn't used it for anything. While he does have access to tools and soldering irons, he is reluctant to do anything with the arduino, being far more interested in programming on his computer. I want to take advantage of the holiday/his birthday, and find something that will let him apreciate the arduino. Any ideas?


He is a freshman in high school, and is competent in electronics, and a far better programmer than I am.

     Thank you in advance, Kidbot

Raspberry Pi Home Automation

I have begun work on a home (or rather room) automation system using a Raspberrry Pi as its hub. I am aiming for 3 primary functions:

     1. accept commands for interface device (ex: recieve instructions to turn lights on and off and do so using GPIO and servo)

     2. accept requests for sensor data (ex: recieve a request for temp. sensor data(GPIO) and respond by relaying data)

     3. collect and transmit large collections of data to be interpreted by interface device (ex: sleep datalogging)


AIs and conversation

I've been thinking about AI resently, and I have been stumped on the idea of how to make a robot/computer talk like a human. Algorithms like those used by cleverbot don't have a real "memory", and I really want a robot that will also take into acount a set of variables called emotions. What ideas have you come across?

volume data for my project

I am working on C.A.R.L., but I need to come up with a way to turn the volume from an audio jack into analog data.

Could I just connect the ground line to the arduino ground and the signal wire to an analog input?



Compiling error when using TVout library

I am attempting to use the TVout library (https://code.google.com/p/arduino-tvout/), and all of my programs consistantly come out with this error.

Error Compiling:

C:\Documents and Settings\Skye\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\TVout\TVout.cpp: In member function 'void TVout::render_setup(uint8_t)':

C:\Documents and Settings\Skye\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\TVout\TVout.cpp:730: error: '_VID_DDR' was not declared in this scope

PIC programming

I have recently found a tiny PIC microprocessor, but I don't know where to start. The two things I need are the programming software and hardware. Where do I start? PS: I found this chip, and once I get it running with my code, it will be perfect for my project. More data coming soon.

Visual Basic & Arduino Mega 2650

Do any of you have any experience or advice for integrating Visual Basics to an arduino? I am specificly looking for how to make them communicate, but as I am a begginer in both arduino and Visual Basic, any helpful link for either system would be apreciated.

Thank You.

Motor controller

I am looking for a basic bi-diretional dual motor controller with a very low price. It must be compadable with a standard breadboard and an arduino. I am looking at controlling a tamiya twin motor (1.5-3v, stall voltage in 2000 mA). By the way,  I am looking making an h-bridge but I have no idea how to make one :(

The Fifth Element: money

For my birthday, my uncle gave me his old roomba 550, knowing I would enjoy fixing it and putting it to use. He got that right, but unfortunatley, the parts that I need add up to 85$ plus shipping and handling, but I have to get at least $70 for it. Allowance is out of the question, because I don't have any. If anyone has any sugestions, please tell me. By the way, does anyone know anything about hacking roombas?

Motors and Arduino Unos

I am working on a mobile robot, but I need a really cheap way to run two 1.5-3v motors (the ones found in the tamiya twin gearbox). It doesn't have to have the greatest amount of control, because for my apllication, my robot may not even have to go backwards. I don't have problems with sodering or anything along those lines, but I just don't have the experience you other guys have.