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DFRobot SSC-32 problem

Hello all,

I am trying to use an SSC-32 from DFRobot to control servos. I have connected it to an arduino mega which sends serial commands to the servo controller.

I have connected the TX on the arduino to RX on the SSC-32, and connected ground to ground. A central LED labelled 'L' flashes every time the SSC-32 receives a message. I assume this means that it is receiving data.

I am powering the SSC-32 from the arduino, which works fine. The servos are powered separately. I have connected a battery (6V 2800mAh) to VS1 (and removed the VL = VS1 jumper).



I have started building a quadruped robot using Lynxmotion SES parts. I have the Lynxmotion quadruped body kit and 4 SES 3DOF legs. I have bought servos and put everything together. However, I'm much more comfortable with the code than with the mechanics.

Dagu Micro Servo


Does anyone know if the Dagu micro servo (the small blue one) will fit into a Lynxmotion multi-purpose micro servo bracket like this one?


And this one: