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Drives around, Scans the environment, gets data, logs it and transmits it wirelessly
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Interface an lcd tft screen with arduino
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Greets people, recognizes faces, tracks moving objects and follows them (hopefully)
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Choice of inverter for 17 inch monitor

Hie everyone, for my next project i am working in a telepresence robot for hardware i have
GA-D525-TUD Mini itx, 1.8ghz intel atom D525
RAM- 4Gb
160W dc-dc psu (cheapest one i could find)
12v 12AH SLA Battery 
17 inch L1710S monitor (Rated at 1 A) 

Power consumption Spec:

Power Supply

Navigates around Autonomously with pre-programmed waypoints
Using a
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Are Diodes Necessary in a H bridge circuit for motor braking?

Hie i am trying to build a mosfet motor driver using the schematic shown below. Do i need protection diodes for motor braking as indicated by those red squares and are they facing the right way?

A large useful platform for any outdoor projects
Using a
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Needing Assistance with High amp motor controller for Arduin0

Hello everyone. i am new o the word of motor controllers. 
I am trying to make a 4wd robot capable of going offroad. It will be controlled with my arduino MEGA and XBEE. I have almost everything in check except for the motor controllers.

The motor controllers i have found  are dual channel controller and i intend of controlling 2 motors per channel. 
The specification of my motor controller is as shown below:

I have several choices i could buy: