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Choice of inverter for 17 inch monitor

Hie everyone, for my next project i am working in a telepresence robot for hardware i have
GA-D525-TUD Mini itx, 1.8ghz intel atom D525
RAM- 4Gb
160W dc-dc psu (cheapest one i could find)
12v 12AH SLA Battery 
17 inch L1710S monitor (Rated at 1 A) 

Power consumption Spec:

Power Supply

Are Diodes Necessary in a H bridge circuit for motor braking?

Hie i am trying to build a mosfet motor driver using the schematic shown below. Do i need protection diodes for motor braking as indicated by those red squares and are they facing the right way?

Needing Assistance with High amp motor controller for Arduin0

Hello everyone. i am new o the word of motor controllers. 
I am trying to make a 4wd robot capable of going offroad. It will be controlled with my arduino MEGA and XBEE. I have almost everything in check except for the motor controllers.

The motor controllers i have found  are dual channel controller and i intend of controlling 2 motors per channel. 
The specification of my motor controller is as shown below:

I have several choices i could buy:

Bigger version of the DAGU 6wd Wild thumper

Hello i am thinking of building a bigger version of the dagu 6wd wild thumper. a big one that can tow and go over larger obstacles much like the smaller current one. The motors i have selected to use are winshield wiper motors and will be powered by either a custom build lithium polymer battery pack (putting a bunch of  3 cell 2200mah batteries in parallel) or a car battery. I would probably go for the lithium polymer as they have a greater energy density.


What inspired me

Max servo size for picaxe 08m2

Hello i would like to build my first robot using the picaxe 08m2. The servos i have are: two mg945 servos stall torque is 12kgcm (hooked up in parrallel as they will lift the arm up together.) 0ne unbranded servo with the same torque as the above servos for the gripper. The other two are 9g servos that will be used for activating switches. 

Choice of geared motors

I was wondering what motors to use for my school project. its going to be a 4wd rover (skid steering) with a robotic arm and wireless camera. i have a chasis welded up and ti weighs only 800grams. Max target weight of the whole system including batteries is 4kg. 

i am willing to spend a maximum of $40 on them.

The problem is choice of motors. i found these geared motors. i found a seller who sells then in packs of 2. each one of them has a stall torque of 4kgcm and the max rpm speed is 300.