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HII, i need a little help for my final year project . i and my  group need to make a project in 3 months , the problem is i am not able to think of an big idea can anyone pls suggest one . projects on this website r excellent but wat my sir need is a project which can be very usefull to people , and has some real time application . 




How would u determine the polarity of 3v and 100ma solarcell if it is not given on cell ?


suggestions needed

hi it might be stupid enough to ask but  i have a problem here ,i buyed a 3v,100mA solar cell and placed it in sunlight for for more than 3 hours and then when i connected it to a dc motors but the motor didnt worked, can anyone give me some suggestion regarding it.

some details about trimmer

 hello ,  ia working on a new project of light follower i tried to search details about trimmers( varaible resistor of 4.7k) but i couldnt find its actual use+ i want insert that on my pcb board, so what should i keep spacing and which of the three terminals should be connected to ground.