Let's Make Robots!

Stair Climbing, Tracks and how well they work on carpet!

I am designing a robot that will be able to climb stairs in a similar method to a packBot.

However it is designed exclisvly for indoor use, which means carpets!

From my reasearch the basic impression i get is that i need smooth tracks with not much friction to be able to turn effectivly while on the flat. However when it comes to being able to climb stairs i will need tracks with large treads. Obviously two ends of the spectrum so somehow i need to find a balance!

First Robot Plan

I'm about to start my first robot project so i thought i would document my progress, I don't imagine anyone else will be interested so i'm mainly doing this so i have a record.Controller PCB

For a project at Uni I have made a Wireless controller and a motor driver PCBs. They both include a built in arduino and communicate via XBees. I get to keep the PCBs from the project and have bought the ATmega328 chips, XBees and a chassis as these are the parts we had to return.

I plan to use this as a base for my robot and add more features as and when i can.