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Am working on my first robot project - ie do something with the Rover 5 chassis Santa gave me for Christmas (2011). Status: Task 1 (done) was to get one of the … Read more

Powering up DAGU 4 channel motor controller and logic at same time - Problem?

I have wired up my Dagu motor controller to the same switch that gives power to the logic (ie Arduino board) - they are on different circuits though...

The DAGU instructions say to power up the logic first:

"The motor power supply should not be connected without first connecting the +5V for logic."

Is this (ie powering them both at the same time, or the logic slightly delayed - it goes via the Arduino board regulator) going to be a problem?   Why does the logic need to be powered first?

When is zero not zero?

Update -> I think the answer is that there is an interrupt resetting these values in between setting them to zero and printing them.

I am trying to calibrate my motors and am having trouble.  In particular, how is this output:

Resetting Quadrature: 0: 92072 1: 92083

possible for this function:

My Persistent Brain - Rover 5

This blog entry is my persistent auxillary brain for robotics stuff.


Can't generally run a DC Motor from an Arduino because motors draw too much current and it would fry the board.  So the Arduino needs to provide logic controlling an external power supply.

Is this an IR receiver?

Do you think this is an IR receiver? (from a panasonic video camera that died a while ago)

If so, any ideas how I might:

get it off? (- the length of the inner square is about 4 mm)  I am tempted to use a hacksaw around the outside square...

find its datasheet?

Hmmm... I think it might be a photo resistor.  This seems to be an IR transmitter and receiver (marked 1C51 43A) (??) (in front of an enormous capacitor):

Rover 5 Motor running backwards

I have gotten around to running all four motors on my Rover 5 at the same time.  One of them runs in the opposite direction to the rest :-/  (see my robot post)

While I guess I could negate the direction in the code, this seems fragile.  How do the motors work?  Is there a simple way to reverse it? (reverse the polarity of the power pins?)


When do I need to care about quadrature?

Could someone give me examples of where they are using information from quadrature encoders on a motor?

I am setting up a Rover 5 and am not sure why I would connect the quadrature pins (at the moment at least).  From my reading it seems that you use quadrature to determine: speed of rotation and direction of rotation (and possibly orientation of the shaft/distance travelled?)  Is there more to it that I'm missing?



How to get an Arduino Uno + Rover 5 up and running


I first touched an Arduino last November.  Come Christmas, Santa left a 4-motor Rover 5 under the tree for me and the kids.  As far as I can tell I can't just hook this up to an arduino board, but need to have additional controllers.  What is the best way of doing this?

[I have an Arduino Uno.  Will the Rover 5 work with a Uno?]

What's the easiest way to get it running? Should I be buying a Dagu 4 channel motor controller?  Would that get me there? Someone mentioned the Pololu TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier.