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LPC dev tools first release

Some of you are aware of my ongoing project to develop a good toolchain for the NXP LPC1114 and related processors.  I have finally posted an initial release of what I have so far.  It is really rough, but mostly works.  If you are interested in getting a head start or if you just want to take a look at what I'm doing, the files are here:


Feedback is welcome.  Please don't tell me "your documentation sucks," I already know that :-)


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ARMing my projects

June 18, 2014 Don't interrupt me in the library

Interrupts are great.  They allow your processor to go about it's business not paying any attention to some particular device until that device needs service.  The device "interrupts" the processor, which stops what it is doing and gives the device some attention before going back to whatever it was doing.

Cypress ARM PSOC dev board with USB for $4

The PSOC (programmable system on chip) processors are really, really cool.  I've been wanting to play with them for some time.  Now, Cypress has a board / dev kit available for $4!  Now is the time.


These chips are based on ARM Cortex M0, same as the LPC1114, but have programmable logic and programmable analog components on board to make your own peripeherals as needed.  I'm placing my order now.

Chinese prices with US shipping times: Tayda Electronics

I live in the US, which is nice when it comes time to buy parts.  We are fortunate to have lots of companies selling electronic and robotic parts, from big name distributors like DigiKey and Mouser, to smaller hobby oriented places like Sparkfun, and surplus outlets like All Electronics and BG Micro, and those in between like Jameco, among many, many others.  I have have good luck with all those listed.  Normally, my stuff arrives within a week.  But there is a whole other world of buying from Chinese suppliers, often on Ebay, but also quite often from established web st