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My prize came !

I just received the prize for the dot contest ... and I can't believe I have gone this long without a multimeter ! :)

Thanks alot Frits ! 





Can I get a little help ?

I need a little help with my Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller.... I am trying to use it with my arduino robot but I have no clue where to start code wise  ... where can I get sample code ... or even a guide on how to code for it .. I am sort of stuck on  this .... any help is appreciated greatly :)



Help with coding ...

So Iv'e got every thing but the Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller  hooked up and coded for (I mostly used other peoples code from the arduino site) but I but I do not understand what I need to do to get the motor controller to work code wise

I am using two GM9 (143:1 90 Degree Shaft) and the solarbotics wheels if that matters 


and this is the code I am using 

 for the servo 

sits there looking around untill I fix the motor controller :P
Using a
  It turns out that the treads I was using are way to heavy/bulky so I decided to just scrap the tankbot idea for now and go with a simpler bot  I am using two … Read more

help with aparallax ultrasonic distance sensor on arduino

I just got my parallax ultrasonic distance sensor (#28015) and I have the "test code" running as I type, but how do I use it to warn my robot of walls?

P.S I am using an Arduino diecimila.

Were do you live ?

were do all of you guys live ? (I'm not a stalker :P I just have a really cool idea that might work )



I want an arduino feivel...

would it be possible to have an arduino use led's as sensors?  like this ---> http://letsmakerobots.com/node/272

 If so how would I code it ?


how to program for pololu on arduino...

now that I got my pololu controller how do i use it with arduino? (as in coding)



My pololu controller came !!!

Sweetness my pololu controller came,(Dang that thing is small :)

I just finnished my SAT test  (I am home schooled so that means no more school untill september!! :),

and I just  got a summer job, this week is so awesome !!!!! :P

 so here comes the hard part, coding :)



Driving a motor with arduino...

I need some help with driving dc motors with arduino. I have already looked at the arduino site and all I found was this http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoShields and no guide or parts list.

I have gone thru all of the lessons here http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/  and ithas been really fun so far but I WANT TO BUILD ROBOTS! NOT BLINKIE LIGHTS! :)