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4 legged, can be remote controlled or autonomous
Ok. This is an upgrade(control) for my 8 servo 4 legged walker... now its using an arduino328 clone. Currently, its still remote controlled via hacked cheap R/C car … Read more
navigate around ultrasound sensor
Using a
basically an update of my previous bot scooter. more updates to come.   some pictures: HEY!! its the new me :-) HELLO! still "no name" though.. beep beeeeep … Read more
<wheeled> navigate autonomously indoors using IR proximity sensors
Using a
Hi all, My first post here. Currently posting one of my 3 robots. I will name this one 'sc00t3r', just scooting around in the room. :) wheels are from a laser … Read more
my 1st "servo" walker, my other walkers where BEAM based :) Basically just a hardware upgrade, did not like my 1st build, some hardware issues etc etc.. some parts … Read more