Let's Make Robots!
The robot should have only 4 wheel. The robot should drive forward and baclward. The robot should only have maxium of 4 any motors. The height should be less than … Read more
The Robot will go forward and backward and the robot will shoot water bottle caps.
Using a
The robot will move forward and backward using k'nex motor. The robot will shoot water bottle caps. the motor covered with black case will push the water bottle … Read more
Moves Around and shoot Water bottle caps
This robot will move forward, backward, and turn left and right and this robot will shoot water bottle caps using a dc motor and this robot control with a remote … Read more
this robot will move around and if it touch anything it will move away from it  Read more
this robot will Navigate around and it has a small camera. Read more
it will give you air,music and light
Using a
this robot has 3 jobs first there is a fan if you connect to the battery 2nd there is a light and it will glow when it's dark and you can can connect you iPod to … Read more
Hi this is my first robot build with solar cell, remot control and with small cemera. you press the remot and it wil spin and go forward 2m and take video with … Read more