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arduino sumo

I'm trying to makd a arduino sumo robot code, I have been looking all over the web for the last month ripping my hair out trying to find a arduino sumo code that I can mod and I cant find anything can someone pleas help.

sumo robot

Can some one help pleas I'm I can cant find any sumo robot code for my arduino. I have spent a over a day looking for code and trying to make some my self (:( . I have 2 simple IR sensors that send a high when it sees something and 2 IR sensors that send a high when they se black pleas help.


making an arduino line follower with obstacle avoidance

I have had an arduino for a wile now but i just cannot find out how to make a robot with line following and obstacle avoidance.

How can I write a sketch that will alow one sensor to have more power over another sensor? So if my robot is moving along a line and i put something infrunt of it it will sotp useing the line sensors and use the code for the obstacle avoidance.