Let's Make Robots!
Avoid obstacles, crash, follow my Rover 5
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Update 2: Added a WiiCamera sensor :) I put a tilt/pan kit and WiiCamera on the little bot. Bought both from Rocket brand studios (CtC). The sensor is super cool :) … Read more

Makeblock : Next Generation of Construct Platform

Found this on kickstarter:

What is Makeblock? 

Makeblock is an aluminum extrusion based construct platform that can be used to bring your creations to life. With Makeblock you can make professional and steady robots, machines or even art-ware. The only limit is what you can think of. 

With Makeblock platform, the only necessary tool is a screw driver. There is no soldering or special skill needed. Everyone over fourteen years old can use Makeblock to turn their ideas into reality.

Integers, floats, arrays, structs... (Arduino)

I need a bit of programming help. What I want to do is sent integers, floats, longs from an Arduino to another Arduino using nRF24L01 modules. I use the RF24 library to handle the wireless modules. At the moment I only sent an array of integers from one Arduino to another.

Piece of my current code:

int remote[5];

Trying to get in the next Tron movie :p
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November 23rd Bajdupod 9G turns in to Bajdupod MG90 super mega turbo bling bling Read more
It's my research and development platform
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I started playing with Arduino a couple of months ago. I stumbled on this site looking for some information and thought it would be a cool idea to built something … Read more
Convert 5V I2C signals to 3V3 and 3V3 signals to 5V
Arduino's and its clones come in many flavours, some work @ 5V others @ 3V3. If you want to communicate over the I2C bus between 2 Arduino's with different voltages … Read more

Solder tips, which ones do I need?

After soldering with a simple Weller 40W solder iron for more then 10 years I have decided to buy a solder station.  This is the station I will buy: http://www.batronix.com/shop/soldering/Atten-AT938D.html Which tips should I buy with it? I have never done any SMD soldering because the tip of my Weller is much to big. With my new solder station I might have a go at SMD soldering. But most of my soldering will be simple through the hole stuff, soldering some connectors. The usual stuff...

6 legged walker

As some of you know I'm going to built a small hexapod using 12 9G servos (2 DOF/leg). I have the electronics figured out, I will use my Bajduino 3A pcb (ATmega328 with 3A 5V vreg). I'm now waiting for the acryl parts so I can built my little hexapod. So I've been thinking how I'm going to program it :) Understand that I know very little about programming... So tonight I found a sketch on my harddrive named 6 legged walker. I think that I've downloaded it from this very forum. But I can not seem to find the robot running this sketch.

Buying spree at Tayda electronics

I'm currently in Thailand on vacation, the home of my favorite electronics shop Tayda electronics. I asked them if they could deliver to my apartment in Thailand and they will ship the order with a Thai courier for very little money. I already have lots of passive components at home but not many other components. So which components would you order from Tayda electronics that are useful ? Different kinds of transistors? IC's that are commonly used?