Let's Make Robots!

Micro Controller grid with LMR user cross reference?

Rox and I have a common complaint-we seem to collect SBCs like baseball cards. Tonight.
Navigate via Ultrasound and agitate Basset Hounds
"Tribble" isn't one of the permanent collection-I rarely build a robot this disassembleable.  The intention of building this guy was to learn about the … Read more

Opening up openCV

So with Ladvien on sabbatical from his lab and CP busy DJing at the sailing club, I thought now would be a good time to solicit another think piece since the two highest google hit authors on the subject (no joke-our boys are number one!) aren't making robots this week.

Favorite batteries?

I've been using RadioShack 7.2v 3.3Ah NiCads for years now and I can't get them cheap anymore.  There are so many choices on eBay I don't even know where to start with seach terms. What are you guys using?  Remember I tend to work in the bigger-than-desktop bot ouvre.  3.7v packs are going to be a little smallish.

Fades between wedding colors and gets collected by kids
The wedding(s) actually took place last year (3/1 and 9/7 respectively, the first being the official "on paper" rushed ceremony to get me on my wife's insurance and … Read more

I hope it's a phase

Lately I can barely bring myself to look at the lab.