Let's Make Robots!

Suggestion for a new "Add Content" tab:Your crappy kickstarter

Since we seem to get one or two of those a week submitted as a forum entry, why don't we just make it official?  "Here's the place where you can come to overinflate the originality of and grovel and beg for money to get your just-like-every-other-project funded."

Help me brainstorm up a new, perfect, Dog-chewing sensor.

This is my giant puppy Galileo (aka Leo):

aka "Vishnu, destroyer of leather furniture."

(These are only the last two examples.  There's one at the leather repair shop too.)

Grownups only

"Gigahoes."  I've only watched the first one.  Not Citizen Kane but there are a few good laughs.  (5yr+ LMRians will know how my tastes run.)

Free PROFESSIONAL Robotics Conference in the midwest, July 2-3

Once again, I want to bring everyone's attention to my "work baby" at my new job (I developed the website for the Conference on Automated and Robotic Construction of Infrastructure.)  This takes place on July 2-3 in Ames, Iowa and is completely 100% free to attend.  We even provide lunch on the first day.

It may sound kind of dry at first, but some of the topics may be interesting even to those of us not interested in using robots to build roads and bridges:

Kind of related...

I saw something that reminded me of the "big-bot" guys on the site today.

I was driving home from the market in the rain and this caught my attention-I nearly stopped for a photo.  It was one of those electric wheelchairs, without an inhabitant, chained to a light stanchion in a nationwide auto parts franchise parking lot.

I got to thinking "My god, that tells a story."  Then I realized that it could have been telling hundreds of different stories.


The new droid from Star Wars. Whoever makes one first wins at LMR this year.

LMR shop

I just wanted everyone to know how freaking awesome this is. I took FritsL up on the "Buy something for a dollar to test it" deal and then told him not to bother sending the actual merchandise, just to keep the dollar, but it was too late-Gamborg had already sent it! Well, from Denmark to the U.S. took almost no time, and I got the best deal on a tilt sensor ever. Anyway, support LMR and buy and sell some shit through the LMR Marketplace. You can literally get a Propeller for $1 there!