Let's Make Robots!

Would you ARM yourself? (Or, Who wants a slice of Badj-berry Pi?)

While the parts for what I'm considering aren't here yet, they're definitely a possibility. With all the chatter about the new Beagle and with everyone already having an RPi in hand it seems, to me one of the next logical steps (if we are to take PicAxe and Arduino as a template) is the hobbiest making his/her own Linux SBC. I suppose if you're Patrick McCabe and have a reflowster, it's not out of the question. However, God what a pain in the ass that would be.
Terd-L, for Two-Eyed Robotic Differential-Locomotion. (I can't believe I forgot to include that right away. May St. Markief forrgive me!) Update 24 April 2013 Read more

Shoutbox Invocation Script for Mac Users (Now with Merser's Python Interpretation)

First off, sorry-I realize that very few people are Mac users and can make use of this.  Also, it's kind of useless if you have a bot or other project on page one, but if you need you can really work around that I guess.

As you can tell, I pulled together another experiment based on the Dagu Micro-magician Chassis.  I hope no one objects to me calling this a different robot every … Read more

About a weeks worth of content

Since bird and Kariloy have both come up with automated solutions to the shoutbox image posting process, I've decided to join the flood of efficiency and just funnel a week's worth of stuff into one link. Someone created the gallery for me, so why not? There are some old favorites and plenty of new shakes. Enjoy the Knock knocks! (Oss, you might just want to bookmark this page in case I get sick again.)
Maus was the robot I originally built on this platform with an Arduino and Microphone or IR.  Then today Ossipee posted the code for his Mini-Skybot and I realized … Read more
What used to be my main workstation monitor developed a little problem last summer-it decided that if it had been in sleep mode for more than a few minutes, it … Read more
This one I made for my future sister-in-law for Christmas. (She's a big Harry Potter fan.) It uses two CdS cells, Two AT Tiny 45s, two blue high-output LEDs and a … Read more