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LMR IV Update

I was pestering FritsL the other night with my curiosity about LMR IV.  (Not that there's anything wrong with the way things are-after all, Kariloy is back in the Shout Box after a week off and people are requesting code there again.  All the robot elders make regular appearances and new content is added daily, and we have, as always, knowledgeable and exciting new members in and out.)  Still, change it is a coming.  Eventually.  In any case, this is a snippet of FritsL's explanation of what's going on:

Happy Anniversary, LMR and Happy Birthday Bird!

I just noticed that this is the anniversary of my first posts on LMR-Hedwig and aRDui5X both went up a year ago today.  It's also Kyle "Birdmun" Kerr's birthday!  That will make it easy to remember my anniversary with the site.  Kind of a cheat, like guys who intentionally pick wedding dates that they already remember.  Whenever Bird mentions his birthday in the shoutbox, it will be a little bell ringing in the back of my head.

LMR IV launch

Wondering if everything is still on schedule for the new site. The last update I'd heard was that on 14 Feb after midnight we'd all have to sign up and get new IDs. Is that midnight GMT? What else do we need to be aware of? Thanks guys!

Tutorial Trolling

I've seen a few instructable-type tutorials here and there that just look too good to be true.  My favorite was someone trying to convince you that you could run your flat-screen TV by splicing a AAA battery holder into the power cable provided with it.  In any case, I came across a tutorial today (an electronic instrument complete with its own URL and Makerfaire badge) that should have been a straight-up download, upload, hook up some pins and a speaker rig and all I got was one tone, with no reaction to the Inputs.

Navigate around via ultrasound and make a cute sound when it encounters an obstacle
Using a
Here's a nice animation of him (I found out animation gets disabled if you use a .gif for your Primary Image): Read more

LMR Email Notifications (Don't call it SPAM if you're too lazy to do this...)

Like most of you, I've noticed that the eMail updates have started again.  I've also noticed a few shouts accusing LMR of "spamming" them.  That's a little unkind, but if you don't want to receive the email updates to every thread you contribute to, it's very easy to change the settings.