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Detects impacts using accelerometer
Note: it's getting harder and harder for me to take much credit for this-OddBot has done all the work since I first posted it and he's taken it from a built-in … Read more
Navigate via touch sensors and sweep dog poop up into a disposable plastic shopping bag.
Using a
This project was named the Scarab not just for its resemblence to the dung beetle but for its functional similarity to that animal.  In principal this machine is … Read more

4.3" TFT Monitor Haxperiences?

I sniped one of these for U$20 on ebay last week:

(↑That's a link too, but not to the supplier I got it from) with the intention of using it in K-9.  I didn't read until I got it that it has a 12v system.  

"Nice work, Dingus," I told myself, "maybe you should have seen that one coming-it's made for automotive use after all."  

LMR Celebrity Look-Alikes (from Featured Video of 8/14/2012)

Author's note:
In my defense, I am being treated for poly-endocrine cancer and as a result there are often spans of days where the only way I can engage in this hobby is to lay in bed with the iPad in my lap and hope to see familiar handles in the shoutbox, or new art from NilsB or Gareth, etc.  So if you're thinking "Doesn't he have anything better to do?" when you read this, the answer is "Yes, but he can't."

Author's Fiancé's note:
He didn't look sick to me when he was writing this.

Shipping props/gripes thread

A while ago we went off on a tangent about how China post can get away with shipping things so cheaply. That got me wondering if there was a consistent difference between Sino-American shipments from different provinces(eg-does a package from Shenzhen to Nebrahoma usually arrive any faster than one from Hong Kong or Nanjing?) I started looking at my recent purchase history and to my surprise, THERE IS NO TREND. The fastest and slowest shipments were both from Shenzhen.

Eagle for Mac version

I can't even find a version history for Eagle going back past 5.1. Is there anyone who might have version 4 or earlier for Mac, or any version that will work on a Motorola processor? I am dedicated to my G-5 and will keep it running as long as there are replacement parts available.

Arduino QueueList library limitation

The capacitor across the leads of the sharp did little to rectify K-9's behaviour, so I'm on to the next idea, which is to average the last ten or so readings of the sensor.  The problem is that it seems that Arduino's QueueList library doesn't let you push and pop through different iterations of the main loop-the whole queue is defined each time (so in other words, I'd still have to code a queue by hand if I wanted to average the values read through each iteration of the last ten loops.)  Am I reading that wrong or is there a way around this?