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Breathes Light into 3-D Printed Gifts from Cevinius
It's no secret that we have several "Doctor Who" fans on LMR, and for good reason-he's a great hero.  Here's a space man who comes to us not with a laser gun, but … Read more


tl;dr version: Go take advantage of a screw-up in store while you can.

In the days leading up to Exmas, I found myself wandering around the nearby shopping mall wistfully trying to get into the spirit by watching the better-than-average Santa deal with behavioural problem kids.  Of course I stopped in at the Shack to see if there were any clearance bargains or deals I couldn't say no to.  I noticed this:

The commercial forces driving robotic development

I'm sure you've heard the news.  Or seen the video.

The future of robotics is the mailman.

Wired had this article on the subject, and Amazon trolled Charlie Rose into presenting their delivery drone as the real thing.

For all you guys with "Iron Man" Projects

I'm just posting this to disturb the young'ens.  I found this video today.  I've always liked George Michael's music (but I don't think I'd want to see him at the urinal next to me.)  Anyway, this is proof that he was Iron Man (or something) a full six years before RDJ.  That probably means that some of you were conceived while your mums and dads were listening to this tune!  This is just slightly risqué but very sci-fi.  

Personal Libraries

As I work with K-9 the code gets longer and longer and more and more compartmentalized.  It occurs to me that a lot of the functions could be hidden in a library that would only ever be used for one project.  For example, his audio cues reside on an ISD 1760 chip and are controlled via 132 lines of code broken out of 5 functions (Arduino.)  That's a long sketch to scroll through on its own, and could easily be hidden functionally from view by creating a library and including it.

Navigate around via ultrasound, freak the hell out of real dogs
Using a
Edit: 2 Dec. 2013-New photo of external USB access added. Read more
Detects humans and fires a laser at them
Using a
Most geeks will be aware of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this weekend.  For that occasion, I wanted to have my version of K-9 up and running.  I hope to … Read more