Let's Make Robots!

Any interest in a temporary IRC Channel?

You all remember IRC right? No? It's basically the godfather of the shoutbox. Yes, it's still around. Since I'm probably the one who broke the SB I feel like it's up to me to do something about it. First step, admit you have a problem: we're a bunch of Shout addicts. Or we could all just go to the hang out. What is the level of interest here?

Just a quick note

I know I've said this before in different ways. I know it's gushing, and I know it's kind of mutual admiration society stuff, but I don't care.

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Letsmakerobots.com community, you are the finest human beings I have ever been exposed to.

Thank you all for your continued participation here, from sharing your brilliant or modest or silly ideas and creations to teaching n00bs to lmgtfy or rtfm, or just goofing around in the shoutbox.
Back in January, I found some video kind of like this of the Silbot dancing a Tango and posted a blog about it (from which the video appears to have dropped off.) … Read more

Micro Controller grid with LMR user cross reference?

Rox and I have a common complaint-we seem to collect SBCs like baseball cards. Tonight.
Navigate via Ultrasound and agitate Basset Hounds
"Tribble" isn't one of the permanent collection-I rarely build a robot this disassembleable.  The intention of building this guy was to learn about the … Read more

Opening up openCV

So with Ladvien on sabbatical from his lab and CP busy DJing at the sailing club, I thought now would be a good time to solicit another think piece since the two highest google hit authors on the subject (no joke-our boys are number one!) aren't making robots this week.

Favorite batteries?

I've been using RadioShack 7.2v 3.3Ah NiCads for years now and I can't get them cheap anymore.  There are so many choices on eBay I don't even know where to start with seach terms. What are you guys using?  Remember I tend to work in the bigger-than-desktop bot ouvre.  3.7v packs are going to be a little smallish.