Let's Make Robots!

Anybody else getting harassed by Texas Instruments?

Just wondering if anyone else was suffering the consequences of TI's lazy accounting/billing department.  Close to a year ago, Kariloy pointed out that they were selling Stellaris Launcpad Evaluation boards for $4.99 a piece shipped.  I figured what the heck, at that price you can't go wrong and ordered two.  Then there was a three-month wait for supplies to catch up with ordering, and then another few months apparently before they attempted to bill for them.  In the meantime, my credit card expiry turned over-this would have been just before Christmas I guess.

Robot band "Z Machine" (where the girls in mini skirts aren't the eye candy)

The girls are cute but they are still less life-like than the automatons. At least you can tell that these really are robots and not costumes.

Pig 'rastlin (Or, How to be annoyed...)

They have a saying in southern Iowa:

"Never wrestle(usually they pronounce it "rass-ul")with a pig-you get dirty and the pig likes it."

On the other side of that, John Cleese and Michael Palin of Monty Python had a show before the Flying Circus days called "How to Irritate People."  The secret, it turns out, is to be (or act) completely oblivious to the fact that you are being irritating.

So here's what that has to do with LMR.

Drags its ass around and avoids obstacles via IR
Using a
This is Duke: A friend of ours adopted him a few months back.  He had been shot twice and left for dead on the railroad tracks (some people suck.)  He's fine … Read more

Player Project

I went off on a linking tangent from one of Peter's posts and found a sourceforge page I'd never heard of before:

I'm kind of surprised-it seems pretty well supported, but our search page only brings up chess playing robots and MP3 players when I look for refs to it. It should be an easy matter to build a robot that works with it, and I know nhbil was interested in creating this kind of software. It looks like its a deep implementation. Has anybody done any work with this?

Stepping up/Moving Forward...

First, via adafruit (who has apparently bought an Italian URL so that they can shrink urls using "adafru.it") I read a great think piece today by Leila Takayama at MIT Technology Review about what it means for a robot to be human friendly.  A few quotes:

Makes you "Hallucinate"
(Warning-epileptics may just want to avoid this post.  There are flashing lights in the video and animated gifs.) L.S.D. for Light/Static 'Duino.  And because … Read more

Guess which one will be me...


Hey-I have an excuse. The doctors say I have to keep out of the sun. Of course, the model is missing my trademark gut...