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Multiple similar distance sensor use for Obstacle Avoidance and Approach

Related to my post this weekend about Robot Size and Methods of Obstacle Avoidance but not limited to larger robots, does anyone's experience with use of multiple distance sensors (either US or IR) support concurrent use or alternatively suggest that the complications caused by their installation, interference with eachother and programming are not worth their addition?

Why is everyone here so good looking?

Not just Kariloy.  I mean, I'm just sayin-this has got to be the most attractive group of robot makers in the world.

Robot Size and Methods of Obstacle Avoidance

I realize that most LMRians are going to have more experience with smaller robots and that I am in the minority here, but for the few that have similar or greater experience with big boys (or relevant experiences and insights from or in related fields) I wondered if I could see if you've noticed the same trends as I have in terms of larger (greater than 25cm in any dimension) Robs and effectiveness of various kinds of near-surface detection.

WANTED:Robot Boss


UPDATE 21 October : 

I'm awarding myself "Dumbass of the Week Award."


I went through a little of the Linux board work that I intended to (got the JDK on the Pi and gave TinHead a headache trying to get the same on the BBB, no love there yet.  I see why Ladvien feels how he does about the BBB and tried to give his to me.)

Anti-Climactic Robot Movie "Blinky"

If you asked me I'd say the kid deserved to be meatballs even if his mom and dad had a fight. I'm going to tell my wife I love her now.


Dash cardboard insectoid robot.

I found this on the ieee Robots ap. Neat stuff.

Maybe I'm being stupid, but I still want an LMR sweep

Since winning the PicAxe monthly competition for June and because Gareth won it in May, I've kind of had it in the back of my kind that it would be neat and that it would drive even more traffic to the site if LMR members swept the competition for a number of months. This is a great chance for PicAxe users/builders to win GREAT prizes which are delivered for free SHOCKINLGY fast, and there are (at least) two winners each month!! I was kind of hoping Bird's custom 20m2/20x2 board would be ready for a submission in time this month, but he just got the PCBs last week so it might be pushing it.

This makes me uncomfortable...

This is what you get with a certain purchase history on eBay, I guess.  A vintage 1969 copy of Radio-TV Experimenter magazine.  While I guess it's cool in a way, the fact that the cover has... well, take a look:

Let's just say these aren't the kind of Boobies my LMR bretheren have come to expect from me.

Also, as someone who has had more than his fair share of digestive problems, the words "Fickle Finger Finder" suggest unpleasant visits to a particularly distasteful kind of physician.

Programming Languages Comic

"This is plagiarism."