Let's Make Robots!

Sprechen Zie Binary?

From SMBC:

Is Kariloy's Cat responsible for Hurricane Sandy?

I was looking over the list of faked Hurricane Sandy photos and found one I had to share:

All it's missing is the soldering loupes!  (We all know she's a good kitty though, with "no murder at all in her" according to Kariloy!)

PS-Instasnopes checked this out and it rated "Fake, BUT AWESOME!"

Inhuman rights

I read this this morning:when a robot comes knocking on the door It's not the first time this has come up. Remember the viral video a few years back of the mouth-breathers who doused a chicken-dance Elmo in lighter fluid, turned him on and lit him up? I was as amused as anyone at first-being an Iowan, the chicken dance Is to me the symbol of everything that goes wrong at weddings.

SoftwareSerial Unicorn

Is .available really a class in softwareSerial.h or is someone just screwing with me? I see it in tonnes of examples but can't get it to compile. Since that library has been built in since before 19 at least I can't even look at the header code.

Happy Birthday, LED!

Today (October 9) in 1963, Nick Holonyak, Jr. demonstrated the first visible-spectrum light-emitting diode to the bean-counters at General Electric.  He mixed Galium and Arsenide in a way that chemists told him was impossible to create that first familiar red glow.  Today, we're on the verge of replacing all innefficient filament-based lights with his invention (if the conspiracy theorists don't get their way, that is.)

Raspberry Pi-Soliciting quick opinion from experienced users

I got my Model B Rev. 1 in the mail yesterday and SD cards are cheap enough that I'm just going to buy a new one.  What's the optimum size card for the new Adafruit Occidentalis distro (http://adafruit-raspberry-pi.s3.amazonaws.com/Occidentalisv02.zip) if it unzips at 2.6G?  4, 8, 16?  I probably won't go 32 right away...

Nanosecond timing-too fine for the hobbyist?

I recently got involved with an idea that requires timing down to nanoseconds registered across serial Rx. That's a little smaller resolution than an Arduino pumping at 16Mhz can provide. The thing is, I'm having trouble turning up any resources on line that would let me design and build a peripheral device short of a caesium fountain-maybe a little beyond what I could rig on the bench, but maybe I'm just not searching right.