Let's Make Robots!

Stepping up/Moving Forward...

First, via adafruit (who has apparently bought an Italian URL so that they can shrink urls using "adafru.it") I read a great think piece today by Leila Takayama at MIT Technology Review about what it means for a robot to be human friendly.  A few quotes:

Makes you "Hallucinate"
(Warning-epileptics may just want to avoid this post.  There are flashing lights in the video and animated gifs.) L.S.D. for Light/Static 'Duino.  And because … Read more

Guess which one will be me...


Hey-I have an excuse. The doctors say I have to keep out of the sun. Of course, the model is missing my trademark gut...

Evaluates Ambient Incident Temperatures in Anticipation of Use for Human Finding Robot
In summary, this is relevant to my Serv-O robot project as a means of locating humans via non-contact temperature sensing. I finally gave up on trying to hack the … Read more

Variable Power Regulator Mystery DAMMITDAMMITDAMMIT!!!!

I suppose I shouldn't be complaining.  After all, the circuit works:

...and more or less this (the cap straddles the gutter on my board  but Fritzing is limited...)

There's no connection to pin 3, which is "output" supposedly.  Yet it works as a voltage controller-from 18v to 3v-12v (range.)

Yet another way of organizing your parts.
First, let's face it-there are any number of ways you could do this. But after years of fighting a mess of resistors in a Plano box and looking up the color codes … Read more

Geek (physics) joke I'm very proud of (on Star Wars day, but somehow not related....)

I was so amused with myself over this in retrospect (in the shower this morning) that I decided to go back and save it for everyone who wasn't lurking. It's a little physics one-liner for 3D Printer enthusiasts that mogul and jinx set me up for. (Remember, this is copied from the shout box, so read from the bottom up.)


TinHead: mo' printerz!

jinx: lol

Would you ARM yourself? (Or, Who wants a slice of Badj-berry Pi?)

While the parts for what I'm considering aren't here yet, they're definitely a possibility. With all the chatter about the new Beagle and with everyone already having an RPi in hand it seems, to me one of the next logical steps (if we are to take PicAxe and Arduino as a template) is the hobbiest making his/her own Linux SBC. I suppose if you're Patrick McCabe and have a reflowster, it's not out of the question. However, God what a pain in the ass that would be.