Let's Make Robots!

H-Bridge only drives motor one direction:What am I missing?

(Perhaps I should preface this with the notation that NOTHING is working right today and I may just have gremlins.  That said...)

Robo-Philosophy:Is it really "obstacle avoidance?"

This is a quick and easy one. The Roomba, as cool as it is, doesn't really "avoid" obstacles as much as just not keep trying to go through them. When your only sensor on a project is an impact/contact detector, is it still obstacle avoidance? If it isn't, what would you call it? I have a few bots that work like that-it doesn't make them any less robots.

Personal Update

I don't know how many LMRtians have been hit by the blizzard-I'm guessing a half dozen of us anyway.  We lost power for a while and still don't have interwebs at home.  I just made it back to work for the first time since my day at the hospital and this is the first chance I've had to check in.  Funny how LMR is my priority...


I'm not outing myself as a member of Anonymous or anything here (I would be flattering myself and lieing to say I had the skills to be a part of this), but more and more it becomes impossible to say I'm not on their side.

Look for light (supposedly)
(Note:if you're seeing a helicopter and compressed air rocket, that's not right.) The other night, Towlieboy78 said he was having trouble with his Photovore in the … Read more

WHO WANTS TO PRINT MY 3D Printed Gifts? (Rephrased...)

Every year I make my future mother- and sister-in-law custom gifts (usually a horse and an owl, respectively.)  This year it occurred to me that I could create them digitally and have another LMRtian with a 3D printer print them for me, giving me a chance to spread a few bucks around.

Navigates via Ultrasound, annoys the dogs
Using a
2012/12/4-Yay, the video is working!Also, OddBot is right, it is called "BubbleBot" because it is full of air, though I don't know how hot it was.This is the most … Read more