Let's Make Robots!

Comprehensive AI vs. Intelligent Utility

We should take refuge in the fact that very crude systems can accomplish an awful lot. Elegant capabilities are nice, but often unnecessary. -George Devol, Inventer of the the Unimate Robotic Arm.

This piece may be a little deep for most hobby roboticists, but it will be of great interest to some.  If for example you're just interested in making small toys that run around your desktop following a line or avoiding obstacles then you can probably ignore it.

H Bridge Trivia

Sorry guys-constipation and the iPad have me pondering the imponderables again. Can anyone explain to me why there are or why there need to be four f*€k!ng ground pins on these DIPS? They all run to the same point-it's not like ins 1-4 get a separate ground.
Breathes Light into 3-D Printed Gifts from Cevinius
It's no secret that we have several "Doctor Who" fans on LMR, and for good reason-he's a great hero.  Here's a space man who comes to us not with a laser gun, but … Read more


tl;dr version: Go take advantage of a screw-up in store while you can.

In the days leading up to Exmas, I found myself wandering around the nearby shopping mall wistfully trying to get into the spirit by watching the better-than-average Santa deal with behavioural problem kids.  Of course I stopped in at the Shack to see if there were any clearance bargains or deals I couldn't say no to.  I noticed this: