Let's Make Robots!
At first, I was going to use a simple and cheap RC car for the project. But as seen on the first video (TEST 1) The wheels where way to far for what I was looking … Read more

L293 enable pin

Does anyone know any good reason to connect the enable pin to the microcontroller on the L293 motor driver?

Connecting this pin to 5V shouln't be enough?

This way I can use the microcontroller pin for any other use.



Nominal Voltage for PIC16F84A'S MCLR PIN

Hi there:


I'm designing a PCB for my robot project and I'm having some trouble with MCLR pin. Well, what I'm trying to do is set a jumper in the circuit so that the DC power supply does not interfere with the voltage comming from de serial connector when I'm programing It.

Animal frightener

hi I'm designing a simple animal frightener for class. It makes ultrasonic sounds (10kHz - 40kHz) to scare different animalsl. What do you think about the circuit, could it work?

TSOP 1736 and TSAL6200

Hi everybody. I have to make my last project for class in two weeks and I'm trying to make a simple robot. It's a little car that has some proximity sensor. I'm using a TSOP 1736 sensor and a TSAL6200 IR emitter. For the first one I have made the circuit that comes with the datasheet. And for the emitter I used a 555 in astable mode with a 2N2222 transistor

Infrared sensor distance

Hi, I'm doing my final proyect and I'm having problems figuring out the infrared emitter. The problem is that the sensor has to have 10 meters range sensitivity. So the beam has to reach the object and come back. That's 20 meters. I'm doing the oscilation with a 555 in astable mode, to provide me 10KHz to 40Khz.

I've already tried the circuit with a IR Led I had, but the range is less than 10 meters.

Any clues about what can I do?