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OHNOES I fried something!

Hi guys, 


Sooo, I've fried something, and I'm not sure what it is or how I did it! 

Can anyone enlighten me?

I've stared at the schematic provided by arduino but I can't make sense of it..

Picture of the board below, I've fried the little black component behind the power plug..

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11 Servos on red back spider (ATmega1280), how to power?



I'm stuck! I am trying to connect 11 servos to the red back spider board, and as soon as I turn on the power (up to 12v) the servos all jerk and move like crazy and the board turns itself off again. 


I'm not quite sure what I am doing wrong or how I need to power 11 servos (9g micro servos) without the board crashing? 

Anyone can help me out?


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I ordered 20 servos off eBay, now what?!

Soo I found cheap servos on eBay and bought 20 of the little badboys. They're now on a ship somewhere making their way to my house, and when they arrive I have a few ideas for projects I want to get them involved in. 

My issue is though, that I've been looking around online to find out how to control a lot of different servos at the same time. So far I've come across the red back spider control board, but I'm struggling to find out whether that actually allows me to control all servos at the same time doing different things through code.