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Need help with Arduino UNO R3 + HC-06 Bluetooth

Hello all! After I posted my Atom tanky robot that I was working on, I am now trying to connect it with bluetooth. I also bought some Ultrasonic sensors (HC-SR04). 

The bluetooth I use is: HC-06 Bluetooth V2.0 RF Wireless Transceiver Module Interface RS232 TTL

Use multple ATTINY85 as one ATMEGA328P Arduino UNO

Hello there,

I want to use couple of ATTINY85 instead of an entire Arduino UNO

I was wondering if that was possible? I have 5 ATTINY85's and was wondering if I could use them all together?

I need 10 pins,

5 ATTINY in total has 4 pins I can use so in total I have 20 pins to use.

But how can I attach the ATTINY's to work together?

For 10 pins I can use 3 ATTINY's = 12 pins.



I made this to show what I need.

2 DC motors = 1 Power source = Two different Voltage and speed ?

So hey guys,

My twin-motor gearbox does not work good anymore.

First it was perfect, both had same speed, but now one DC works slower with higher Voltage ??


Motor A runs faster than motor B while motor B uses more voltage

MOTOR A backwards: 2.22V

MOTOR A forwards: 2.30V


MOTOR B backwards: 2.36V

MOTOR B forwards: 2.48V 


What might be the problem?



Which power supply setup do you prefer?

So I want to buy some AA's and power up my Tamiya twin motor gearbox.

I would go for B, because A will discharge uneven. But B will discharge equal. The only problem is, that ONE DC motor uses max 3V. So when only ONE is active, it will take a punch of 7,2V instead of max 3V


So which of these do you prefer? A or B?


sn754410ne dual motor driver not working on one side (one motor)

Thanks to @JAX, it's fixed. it was related to the push button. wires maybe broken or something, going to test further. But push button  2 works for both sides of the driver so it was indeed push button 1 that did not work.



Code name - Atom

Oke, Introducing my first "robot".

Works on 2x sn754410ne, stacked on each other.

Arduino UNO R3

2 push buttons (left motor/right motor)

Tamiya twin-motor gearbox

Everything is powered with the 5V of the Arduino UNO R3. So no external power source.

Thinking of using a LIPO battery, but don't know which one, what voltage etc. etc., so any advice is appreciated.


Planning on making it wireless over WiFi and add two arms so it can pull itself on stuff and add a camera


Arduino tamiya twin motor gear power supply and stuff


Hello thereI am building a simple Arduino tank but the problem is that after running it for 20? seconds it starts to run slower and slower. Then after turning it off, and on it does not run anymore. After letting it stay off for almost 5 minutes, it runs really slow. Looks like the 9v battery can't handle it?