Let's Make Robots!

kit + schematic = Help Needed



   Bought a 3 in one kit with vu meter, light detector and temperature gauge.



3x preformatted project boards (a15)

5x Blue 3mm LEDs

4x AN6884 ICs

5x Green 3mm LEDs

3x 18 pin dip sockets

5x Yellow 3mm LEDs

2x 12v spdt relays 

5x Red 3mm LEDs

2x 1N4148 diodes

5x Orange 3mm LEDs

2x 2N3906 PNP transistors

2x 500K 6mm trimmers 

8x 100 ohms 1/4w resistor

4x 10K 6mm trimmers

1x foot 24awg solid yellow wire

4x 10k 1/4w resistors

a robot with 4 legs ...



My name is Michael, living in italy and i want to make a 4 legged robot with wheels that can walk and "drive" but have no idea on what components i would need ( exept the motors battery and wheels :D ).

Found a good online shop Futura Elettronica that has components for robots and other electronic.