Let's Make Robots!

Banebots motor mounting

So i have a pair of banebots motors (http://banebots.com/pc/MP-36XXX-540/MP-36064-540)

I was working on the chassis for my latest robot, but, I could not find a suitable way to mount these motors on my plywood chassis. They have mounting holes, but they aren't very deep. Any suggestions?

IR Distance Sensor (not a sharp! wahoo) for my xmos project

 So I had an idea (because i i like building my own stuff) of an IR range finder very similar in fact to odbots attempt at a laser rangefinder combined with CtC's ir beacon. So a narrow beam IR LED is mounted on a servo or stepper (or several if more power is needed). A IR transistor (one of those TV remote receivers) is mounted next to it at a known distance inside a tube similar to that in CtC's design. The servo or stepper scans from pointing towards the sensor (near perpendicularly) outwards near parallel while the led is being pulsed at the appropriate frequency.

Subsumption Archecture

Hey all I found this very interesting idea in a book (The Robot Builder's Bonanza) for a way to code a robot. Instead of having a robot that merely goes straight till it hits something you have several "levels" or "layers" of code. The first one being an obstacle avoidance sorta thing, and then on the next level an aimless wander. This wander section of code which would ask the obstacle avoidance level if it was OK to move. If it was OK then the random wander would do its magic but if there was an obstacle then the obstacle avoidance would take over like a sort of reflex.