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How did you guys learn soldering?

Hi all,

I again :). 

Lead free soldering?

Hi all,

after buying all tools and ordering all parts to build my first robot, the only thing I still need is a soldering station.
I didn't know about lead free solder a couple days ago. And now that I know I'm asking me is it really that unhealthy to consider lead free soldering? Can I use the same soldering stations for lead free solder?

Is there a good soldering station available for around 50$?

Thank  you. 

Where should I start #2

Oh no, I accidently delete the whole post. I was to delete a reply I just sent by mistake, and apparently it deleted the complete thread :(. Oh dear, and that happens to an IT guy, cheese... :)

But lucky enough, I got a lot of informations before I deleted it. And did save it for offline reading :)
I was to ask only one last thing.