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raspberry plus picaxe equals ... gooey mess?

hi peeps

ok - my idea was to stop using my main computer to program my picaxe and instead link it up to my raspberry pi.
The theory was i would have via a usb hub the download cable leading to an 08 proto board so i could program the picaxe and then via connection of the relevant pins and the flick of a switch i could then have the picaxe, raspberry and whatever else was being linked in all chatting to each other. seems a pretty obvious setup if your just starting out learning about this kind of thing.

gEDA for windows

so far ive downloaded and unzipped the forth large file, the geda runtime and the geda-gaf 171

from here

and i have access to "realpcb", "pcb" and "gerbv"

are these what normally makes up gEDA or is there a major chunk missing (real pcb seems like a decent enough pcb designer but i get the feeling i'm missing the ability to simulate IC conversations)

in case your wondering - this is for me to keep track as much as it is for advice




my picaxe, shift register LED pain continued

ok peeps - from what i can gather the reason THIS isnt working is cos of the programming.

I'll be the first to admit its a pretty clumsy setup but in my defence i'm a beginner and at its heart its pretty simple but with a lot of repetition.

i basically want to get a 08M2 picaxe to talk to a shift register and then on to (in this case) a seven segment LED (LCD's matrix LED's and all sorts of other stuff comes later)

any help would be greatly appreciated



LED's , LCD's and me crying in the corner

ok - i decided to take a break from the robot building to go back to absolute beginner's electronics so i could create a better bot and learn more in the process.

my idea was to create a display output for my "akira" so that as the picaxe pbasic program ran i would know where it was and what mistakes it might be making (it kept running into walls)

so... i got a picaxe 08M2 to talk to a shift register (8 bit, 74HC595 SIPO) and then to a seven segment LED first for practice and then to an LCD for the final version.

and thus my problems began...

LCD simplicity

hi peeps

i just bought a pack of these from maplin and regarding the HD44780-compatible LCD...

i know the simplest thing i can do is link the pins directly to my picaxe 28x1 but i was looking to save pins and build my own little three pin pcb "serial backpack" .

any idea what would make a good intermediary chip to do the job for me?

The perfect power supply

hi peeps - im back

ok im looking to create the perfect desktop power supply with as many handy bits as possible and i'm looking for a bit of advice and inspiration from you lot. Ive done my research and have a pretty good idea of the direction im taking but lets be honest - the more the merrier.


as per usual i'll be taking the modular approach - each portion being a learning experiance in itself


1) linking anything to the mains still terrifies me so im probably going to use a leftover laptop supply i have

(input AC 100-240v , 1.6A , 50-60Hz)

wander around the room not hitting things
Using a
Ok...this is my first ever actual project in electronics, programming and mechanical engineering and i decided to make life difficult from the start by making the … Read more

seriously messed up program or a small mistake? - new

hi peeps


wasnt sure where to put this but i decided as im utterly clueless this would be a good place to start.

i finally completed my akira programming (after a sleep deprived war with the "if/elseif" protocol) and frankly rather than being over joyed the only sound from my mouth was - "huh?".

the ultrasonic detection has gone out of the window (every now and again it spots something at its side - twitches then resets itself - the rest of the time its blind)

ultrasonic / servo interference


i still cant get my damn ultrasonic sensor to work as stated here (updated) on my robot akira

i was wondering if anyone knew of a hardware interference problem between sensors and servo's similar to this one but where the servo works fine but the sensor is unable to see a thing.