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fritzing my picaxe (sounds almost rude)

hi peeps

i've just been pointed toward the fritzing program for drawing my circuit diagrams in the future (thanks btw) but despite the fact that it seems to have every arduino board or picaxe chip under the sun i cant for the life of me find the picaxe28x1 board anywhere - it seems odd that such a popular board was never included - am i looking in the wrong places or has it simply never been made?

thanks for your help


how do i make sure i dont destroy my new soldering iron?

i did my first bit of soldering 'tother day using a cheap iron i got from lidl and one of those stainless steel scourers (you know - the ones made from metal shavings) to clean it...and i must admit, the tip has seen better days.

i was using the scourer as ive seen lots of copper and brass equivalents being sold as an alternative to the sponge + water technique as they dont cool the tip down... it worked a treat but the tip is now bright silver and a different shape...was this a bad idea?

ok ok i'm building a voltage reg...erm help?

hi peeps

ive decided to build the voltage regulator board but im clueless about the voltages

ill be using a TS 7805 CZ reg , a larger capacitor in front and a smaller one after ... but how do i decide on the capacitor size?

i want a steady 5v supply for my machine and i have a choice of 6 rechargeable AA batteries (7.2v) or 8 AA's (9.6v) ... i'd prefer to use the 7.2v as i could swap it later for some battery packs i have (when i find a way to charge em) but it just makes the 2.0v vdrop... whereas the 9.6v version makes the 2/3 vdrop some peeps say is better...

CAD software


i was asking peeps earlier today (last night? its all blurring together) about the best CAD packages for 3D design and was pointed in the direction of inkscape...a bit of playing around and you tube research and i came to the conclusion its a cool program but a bit more like gimp or corel for my needs.


a little more research and i happened across google sketchup - and my god its amazing -

mixed batteries


i was just wondering if its ok to mix recgargeable batteries with normal ones...i ask cos 3 rechargable AA's and one normal would give me 5.1v thus removing a voltage problem i've mentioned elsewhere

thanks peeps


How acurate are voltage regulators?


i ask cos i was going to build a SHR but with an ultrasonic detector when someone mentioned it seriously needed 5v not 4.8v (4x 1.2v rechargable batteries was going to be my origional input).

however looking at various instructional videos online they all seem to say a 5v voltage regulator will be from 4.8v to 5.2v - and frankly the idea of adding a whole bunch of new batteries to make the input 9v then putting together the regulator with a few capacitors and ending up with the same problem seems a bit daft.

can i fix the problem with the right capacitors?


howdy peeps

i'm creating a couple of connector boards before i let myself loose on my picaxe and was wondering what the best (standard) way of linking two points was. its a pre drilled board with individual copper "islands" around each hole (matrix?) and im putting in those rods for jumper wire connection (pin strips,modular connectors) and DIL sockets (gotta love my maplin catalogue for the correct names).

i was wondering do i cut a 5mm piece of wire and solder both halves or do i drag out the solder and let that link the copper.

Any Geordies around?

Hi peeps,

i ask because a lecture group i attend as part of my electronics self learning called "super mondays" is doing an open night where people can do short talks on hobbies or projects. I'm tempted myself but im so much of a beginner the idea of a computer pro asking me a question at the end terrifies me. If your interested its based at newcastle university. Get in touch



stupid tech

is it just me or should some things never have been invented?


for me its the handwash dispenser that you dont have to touch in case you get bacteria on yourself. There is ONE thing on the planet you can guarantee you will wash your hands after using...and they try to sell it as being usefull.

advertising how much better blue-ray looks than DVD...ON A DVD!!!  comes close second.

or am i being too picky?


any other ideas greatly welcome


picaxe28 and HC-SR01...i'm stuck before i even start...eeek!


Hi guys and gal’s... my first entry into this world is a question about the “start here” robot...

(ok maybe more than one question)


I have:

Picaxe 28X1

towerpro 9g micro servo's

HC-SR01 ultrasonic sensor