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Help with 3D printers

Hello Guys,
I have to make a project for college and I am thinking to build a 3D printer in that project. I am absolutely new to this field and all I know about this field is how the printer works. I did some research and I found this printer. It will cost about Rs. 22,000 (or $350). As I said, I am absolutely new to this field so I need help.

Update on my status with BeagleBone Black delivery

Well, almost a month ago, Mukund showed me the BeagleBone Black over on facebook. Then, I was considering buying a Raspberry Pi and a Freeduino Uno, and since the company was located just 30kms from my home and had next day shipping facility, I was pretty happy with it. But Black had an appeal to me. It was both a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Uno and better at it than the combination of both. All this and the fact that it was cheaper at that time, I persuaded both myself and my parents to buy it. Then started the problems

Programming GPIOs of a BeagleBone Black

I have just finished ordering my BeagleBone Black. Element14 will now take at least a week before it ships to my home so I have some time to prep myself. After reading Ladvien's post, it looks as if the board is unstable. I ordered it because of 2 reasons- a platform for me to try modifying and building Linux stuff and as a platform to build robots with (that's why I didn't invest in an RPi). I'll look after the Linux distro myself (now that I have some experience with Linux), but I'm facing a problem with the other part.

Raspberry Pi vs BeagleBone Black

Hello everyone!!
Posting a forum topic after a long time. This topic is to get an unbiased opinion on what to choose between a BeagleBone Black and a Raspberry Pi. As I was away, I don't know if such a forum has been made before and would like you to post links to it if it has been made.
Forum Question-

Connecting 2 PCs

Forget whatever I wrote. I got a answer to most questions. What goes now is what I want (and can do right now)-

Programming AVR in Assembly or Machine Language

The question I'm going to ask you is a very simple one- How can I program (AVR in general) my Atmega 328P in Machine or Assembly Language? I know it is possible as all microcontrollers, no matter which language they are running convert high level language to low level languages and utimately Machine language. That's the job of the compiler. I want to run assembly or machine language because-

To understand the in depth working of microcontrollers (and computers in general)...

This topic has been in my mind for a long time and my recent reading (this book) has made it even more worthy a question for me to ask-

What is puzzling me is that I know how a computer language (C++ in my case) works and I also know how basic electronics like diodes, resistors, transistors etc. work but what is the link between a language and electronics. How is an electronic device able to do the jobs such as copy, paste, move etc.