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Text and logos onto plastic?


I noticied that some people apply text onto their robots.

I thought I would ask the question as someone may know, even though this is not limited to (in my case) robots.

Basically, what are my options for placing text and basic graphics onto ABS plastic, or especially ABS plastic enclosures.

I do not have the funds to send the unit out, use silk screen printing, lasers etc etc.

I would like a simple solution that I can use at home, with my inkjet printer.

OK, finally signed up and a few questions...

Hi everyone.

After many days of looking around this site, I have finaly signed up, and, hope to start my new robot very soon.

However, I would like to ask, is it a case that the imagination really is the limit, or does the technology cause concern?

I ask this as I eventually would like to create a robot with advanced AI, and that can "learn".

I was also woundering if anyone has connected 2 or more MCU's to provide extra power, and maybe run larger, more complex code for these reasons?

I welcome any advice.

Thank you,