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Hi. This is my first project post (but not my first project), so sorry if I've done anything wrong. I'm not sure if I'm OK to post this, as it is an RC model, but … Read more

KiCad problems on windows 8


Don't know if this is the best place to ask about this sort of stuff, but here it is:



Has anyone tried using These LCDs with an arduino? I'm not sure whether they're HDD44780 compatible or not, and I can't seem to find much of a datasheet.

Thanks in advance.

Assembly PIC problems


For a collage project, I have to do some PIC programming in Assembly. I've made a start, but I'm having trouble defining some variables. Out of the 11 variables I'm using, it is only naming the middle 5 when I simulate it. They're all pretty much identical appart from the name and the position in the memory. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Sorry for the lack of info. my code's at collage, and I'm not sure of the software (I think it's VPIC, or something similar).

Thanks in advance

Atmel RF ATmegas


Has anyone attempted using these? I was wondering how hard it would be to use them with the arduino bootloader for my as-yet-not-started RC system project (I will get round to it soon, hopefully). The Zigduino seems to use them, and they've supplied a library to operate the in-built radio. I'm just wondering whether I'd have to be careful with PCB layout etc. to avoid interference.



Having got the processing/arduino serial sorted, I thought I'd have a go with charliplexing. I downloaded this library, and wrote a bit of code to try it. However, whenever I try to verify a sketch using it (including the demo sketch), I get this error;no matching function to call to 'Charlieplex::Charlieplex(byte [3], int)'. I've tried re-extracting the library, but with no success. Does anyone have any ideas?

If this library is broken, does anyone know of a better one for charlieplexing?

Serial monitoring


Does anybody know of a decent freebie transparent serial monitor? I've been having some trouble with processing and arduino, (see this), and I'd like to be able to compare what processing and the arduino terminal are sending so I can find the problem.

Thans in advance.

Trouble with arduino/processing

I've been trying to teach myself Arduino and Processing, and I've been hitting a few problems. I had a previous post Here, but it was getting a bit crowded with code, so I thought I'd start a new post.

Processing-Arduino serial port problem

I've picked up an arduino to start working with, and have currently slung together a bit of code to toggle the on-board LED over serial. I've also modified one of the Processing demos to use as a GUI to turn it on and off. However, my arduino is on COM6, and if I try to change the port on Processing to anything other than 0, it comes up with an error. I know the arduino code works, as I've tried it with the arduino serial terminal, however the processing app doesn't want to play ball.