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Good info or project about blob detection, line following or similar using camera and microcontroller

Hello all,

I decided to post here as a member since I have now spent many many hours without success to find what I'm about to ask.

I have an STM32F103 arm based board with 2.8" tft and a camera OV7670+fifo buffer memory bought cheaply from Ebay. Many hours I've struggled but I got it this far that I get qvga or qqvga (160x120 pixel) full color images from the OV7670 into my STM32 and show the image on the LCD. If somebody is interested, I'm willing to share the whole code.

Acrylic transparent body for walking robot

This is the body of my walking robot (quadrapod) called bibi. I will add a post later of the complete robot.


The body I drew in Autodesk Quickcad and produced it using a laser cutter device which I could use for free at the so-called fab-lab in my city Utrecht Netherlands. www.protospace.nl

The fab-labs could also be in your country, its an initiative from MIT and its pretty cool.