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move along fixed axis, pick up, and drop objects. Locomotion in closed range.
This the third bot I am posting here. Its not very amazing but still love to post here to get comments about how I can improve it. *sorry for any unclear … Read more

Rduino or PickX

Hey, I want to make a quadraped...

But I am confused b/w Picaxe 28 pin project board and Aurduino Duemilanove....

Please suggest me which one I shall use....

I know picaxe is easy and I have experience over it...but I want to ask those who have experience with Aurduino..Is it BETTER than picaxe \ just slightly Better or even worse...


(I have basic knowledge of C for arduino programming as well)

Please do mention if there are some/any drawbacks of picaxe for using in Quadbot...


Why wasn't my circuit working?

For my second Bot, I had used the following circuit:

This is my final circuit, but before that, I had made the circuit here:

But I wonder why it didnt work, In this circuit, i used two seperate batteries, using -ve of one battery and +ve of the other to complete the circuit... 

'Moves' -not joking!
  LOL for the first video.... Hmmm..... This is my second 'Bot'... most- of the robots here are Autonomous but this one is Semi-Autonomous[obviously]... I have … Read more
Detect Obstacles and navigate autonomously
Using a
    I 'finally' have completed my obstacle avoiding disc-o-bot (inspired from the start here robo ;) will be uploading videos too soon..... :)     A new … Read more