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8-bit days are over for me.

In the beginning the arduino was fine till there came such time where I wanted to find out what happens under the hood. I then did my home-work and at the end I was even able to program the arduino using assembler. With the gained knowledge I felt it was time I started messing with the big boys (32-bit ARMs)!. I bought the cheapest I can find in my country and it happened to be the STM32F4 discovery! I have to admit this isn't a good board for beginners because there aren't useful tutorial for it online, it's you, the libraries and datasheet.

STM32F4 Discovery board

Hey guys. I just got my stm32f4 discovery board, it is based on the arm 43-bit stm32f407gt6 and am using Keil uvision compiler. i don't want to learn how to use the libraries provided instead i wanna mess with the registers directly like i used to with my arduino using c and assembly. So what i wanna ask is do any of you know of a datasheet or site which lists all the registers of this board (Timers,GPOI's etc.)?

connecting two ATmega328p chips using l2C/TWI (C-language)

Hey everyone. I am new to coding for arduino in pure C. I spent the whole week trying to hook up my two Atmega328p chips using l2C, everything that I find out there never works. I just want a simple communication where I send one byte to the slave that turns on an LED on the slave. Please if anyone has tried this please help.
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Clock speeds

" 16 Mhz "- What does this mean? how is this different to a 100Mhz processer?