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Steering servo needed for a quarter scale RC truck


I am building a 1:4 scale radio control truck.  I know it isn't exactly a "robot" but I started a thread on this forum looking for information about incorporating some logic into the build and have been encouraged to continue updating here.  I had made my update in the thread I had started but was suggested to move to a new thread with the new questions.

Tilt sensor/switch for an RC rideable vehicle

The Project:  I am building a 1/4 scale radio controlled Ford F150 pickup.  The body style was chosen for me when I was given a free 1/4 scale fiberglass body.  The drive-power was originally going to be a small 2-stroke engine, but I was also given a free Pride Mobility Scooter/wheelchair that came without a controller or batteries.  Speed and direction control will be in the form of a SyRen 1X50 from Dimension Engineering, which in turn will be controlled from a common RC transmitter and receiver.