Let's Make Robots!

XMOS - Tutorials

My XMOS entry was to create tutorials that not only taught how to use the XMOS but also lead up to explaining complicated robotic principles as well as good coding standards. So far I have been trying to figure out what to make a tutorial about. Below is my list which I will add or subtract from depending on the XK1's capabilities and the complexity of the tutorial.

Where is Jklug80?

So a few have noticed that I have not been on as much lately. Long story short we bought our first house which needed some work. A week prior I decided to go back to school for degree number 3. This time a masters in Computer Science. One class I am taking is Mobile Robotics. Our first project (we present it tomorrow and work on documentation) is a Rube Goldberg type device. The project must use 7 energy transfers from non electrical devices (marbles, dominos, etc hitting each other) and 3 electronic (sensors, motors, etc).

Color Sensor Algorithm


I know the video quality sucks I just wanted to give a view of  what it is doing. The black tube has the LDR in it to hide stray light. Below is a tabl eof the values I got for Red, Blue and Green when different color soda caps were put in front of the LDR. Now I need to take the raw values and put them into some sort of algorithm that looks at the difference between the values before a cap is put in place and after to determine the cap color.




I have 2 robots I am working on, but I also want to toss making turorials on my list. We have a lot of good ones out there, but I want to make some that cover the basics (making an LED blink, then making 3 leds light in a certain order, adding sensor X, etc until it makes a robot). The eventual goal is making the tutorials teach not only how to make stuff but also teaching good coding skills (using tabs in code, proper documenting, white space, when to use GOSUB, etc) as well as slowly teaching components as they are used.